Clickrepair settings

(see the manual):

  • ”DeCrackle” – for 78 rpm records
    Not designed for EP/LP so I haven’t tried.
  • ”DeClick” – the sensitivity for ClickRepair to find a ”click”
    I chose a low value for instance 14 for a good record, and a higher value for a worn record.
  • Treshold value – “Automatic to:”
    I start with 12 – 17, and depending on the record I stay at this level or I gradually increase up to 40 – 50 or fully automated.
  • ”Reverse” – setting
    This lowers the risk for the program to wrongly repair for instance a cymbal. I normally always use this setting.
  • ”Pitch protection”
    Brass instruments have a special sound profile. This setting lowers the risk for false repairs.
    I always use this this setting (except for very worn records). But it is not water proof, and sometimes it frees real clicks.
  • Repair method
    There are some choices for the repair method; simple, wavelet, wavelet x2, wavelet x3. I usually use ”wavelet”.
    It is possible that ” wavelet x2” can be a good idea on some occasions.


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