Workflow – Shortcuts

All of the steps in the workflow may not be relevant for you. Here are some shortcuts you can take:

  • If you know that you will run Clickrepair using high settings for automated repair, then you can skip the task of reducing the noise between tracks in Audacity after the recording.
  • If you don’t want to have an archive copy of the album before editing, then you will of course skip the step of creating it.
  • You can skip the step of removing low frequency rumble if your RIAA amplifier contains a “high pass filter” (also called subsonic filter) or if your record player (and tonearm) is better than average..
  • You can skip the step of removing hum if you have good and well isolated equipment, or else if you don’t think it is worth the trouble.
  • Use a high value for “automatic repair” in Clickrepair. You will have a number of unnecessary false repairs done, but you will probably never notice and you will save a lot of time.
  • You can skip the Clickrepair step if you want to keep the vinyl feeling with clicks and scratches. In this case I suggest that you inspect the recording in Audacity. If you find really damaged parts, you can repair and neutralise them using Audacity tools.
  • Finally you can skip the task of splitting the album into tracks and instead save them as Side 1 and Side 2 or as the whole album.
    This would be an advantage if you prefer to listen to a whole album, and you don’t need to be tempted to zap from track to track.

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